Stephanie Duff

Educator and Author

Stephanie Duff is the author of “Me and My Hair” and "My Big Dream".  She is a passionate teacher in Toronto, Canada who has been teaching children for over 10 years.  She received her Bachelor of Education from York University and her Masters of Education from the University of Toronto.  Stephanie is committed to four things: maximizing learning in any space, promoting a healthy sense of self, inspiring leadership and fostering critical thinking. She has dedicated her career to each of these pursuits. 

“The Rayne Project is special to me because it’s not just about reading books, but more about the conversations that can be had around each book.”
- Stephanie Duff

Stephanie is a lover of the classroom and working directly with students; but she never thought about writing children’s books. “I just never thought that was something I could do” she says.  Her biggest aspiration was to obtain a job at a local school board.  But one day she found herself writing a Facebook post that starred a young black girl with natural hair. She had no idea where the idea for the post came from. She shared it with her family and friends, and after praying on the idea – The Rayne Project was born. Stephanie believes that her books will come to life as parents, children and educators engage with them. 

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