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Unique stories from a familiar perspective.

Representation matters!  The first book in The Rayne Project series is entitled "Me and My Hair".  Our books are told from the perspective of a young black girl named Rayne.  She brings her readers along as she navigates through life and discovers who she is in relation to the world around her.

“One in five children and parents look for characters who are diverse, differently abled or break stereotypes.”
-Scholastic Kid’s and Family Report

Children learn who they are through their experiences and open conversations with adults who care; with this in mind, each book is created with a “Making Connections” page.  This will allow for families and educators to have meaningful child-centered conversations around the themes of the book and beyond.

Book Reviews

“This is a great “real” story of the experiences of a young girl. It nicely represents how Black young girls navigate and negotiate the tensions and difficulties in their lives.”

Dr. Carl James
Professor, Jean Augustine Chair in Education, Community & Diaspora

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