An 8 year old writes:

“Jesus died and rose again, and there is power in that name."

#belief #identity

During our unstructured time, students were encouraged to engage in things that are of interest to them. This student chose to write. This simple yet powerful sentence says a lot about his thoughts, community, and emerging beliefs.  Imagine how much can we learn about others when we give them the opportunity to just be.  Unstructured time, whether at home or in school, is said to be a positive aspect to child development, it gives students an opportunity to work, think, organize, play, reflect even daydream. Research suggests that daydreaming leads to creativity and innovative ideas. Many families believe that children need to always be entertained, but see what they gravitate towards if given some unstructured time.  

What did you notice with your child or students?


Article By

Stephanie Duff

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