(When one student completes his work first)

Teacher: Good, you are now the expert put your work up so everyone can see how to do it.

Student 1: Wow, that's a nice job John!

Student 2: Yea it really is!!

Student 1: You should be a teacher like Miss Duff!

Student 3: How about you replace Miss Duff?!

Student 4: Yea!! Miss Duff you can work at Metro!

Teacher: Oh really, so John is just going to take me out of my job is he?!

Student 3: ...or how about Beckers?

Student 4: Yup, pack your bags Miss Duff!!

I literally laughed out loud after this conversation!

1) I had no idea that these students knew anything about Beckers.

2) I could not believe how quickly they were willing to replace me. Haha! 

Aside from that, I love to empower student leadership in the classroom. Stephen Covey says it best “leadership is communicating to people their worth and potential so clearly that they come to see it in themselves.”

Can you think of a moment where you saw your child or student take on a leadership role?  What do you do to foster leadership in your home or classroom?

Article By

Stephanie Duff

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