A student was helping another student log into the computer. However, the other student continued to put the password in the wrong box. I walked over once I heard his frustration rise.

Student: Miss Duff he is not listening to me and I am trying to explain to him what to do.

(I step in and show the student)

Student: (throws his hands up) See, and this is why I am NOT becoming a teacher.  NOPE! I am NOT applying for it…

Too funny! No one asked him to apply to anything, but he insisted on making his feelings very clear.  What was even more interesting, in this case, is his ability to notice his own skillset (at the time).  He recognized that to be a teacher you have to apply patience, and he knew that the little patience he had ran out.

Children are always making connections!

I believe that everyone has been gifted with certain strengths that allow them to work well in different spaces. It may be teaching for some, or photography for another. Whatever it may be – make sure it's a good fit! 

What strengths do your children or students have?  What are your strengths?

Article By

Stephanie Duff

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