A parent shares the cutest story:

So the movie trailer for the Sonic movie came out and one of our students says:

Student: I'm going to take my girlfriend to the theater and buy candies to share. 

Parent: Who's your girlfriend?

Student: Janelle is my girlfriend.

Parent: Do you even talk to Janelle, does she know she's your girlfriend?

Student: I just look at her and my heart is beeping."

**Different names used for confidentiality purposes.

Kindergarten is never short of the cutest, wakiest, funniest stories. I always say that we underestimate our children as they are always observing and making meaning of the world around them.  In this little conversation between a mother and her child you can see how he has made an association between the theatre and bringing a 'date' (i.e., his girlfriend).  Not to mention purchasing snacks for himself and his girlfriend.  Let's not forget the heart palpatations he felt when he looked at her that made him 'know' that this was the one lol.  All in all, its our job as caring and loving adults to walk them through their feelings and help them navigate their lives well - even at 5.

Article By

Stephanie Duff

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