Our last day of school went something like this:

Teacher: Ok everyone we are going to get ready for our movie now.

Student: Miss Duff I don't want to watch the movie.

Teacher: Ohhh! So what do you want to do?

Student: I want to talk.

Student 2: Ya Miss Duff,  I don't want to watch the movie too.

Well, the students have spoken! Would you believe they did just what they wanted - and talked about what they would miss from online school, things they enjoyed, and a lot of goodbyes.  There is a beauty in knowing that students can feel so comfortable in a classroom to voice their opinion and be heard. 

Check out this monograph to learn more about student voice. 

Article By

Stephanie Duff

Educator and Author
She is a passionate teacher in Toronto, Canada who has been teaching children for over 10 years.

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