(We have been breaking up 10 to create simple equations)

Teacher: Mary let’s break up 10 into two groups again.

Student: (chewing) I can’t Miss Duff.

Teacher: Why? What happened?

Student: Because I ate them.

Teacher: (blurts out laughing)

Student: I thought we were finished so I ate them. (begins laughing)

We all laughed out loud.

Teacher: Maybe next time we wont use food as your counters. (laughs again)

Teaching Kindergarten online is a learning curve! One of the things my teaching partner and I have been very cognizant about is ensuring each student has access to learning. So, when working with numbers it is very important that students have concrete materials to be able to move and manipulate how they are thinking. In the classroom, we would use things like small-coloured bears or rocks, but in this case this student had access to gummy bears. Nothing wrong with that; unless, of course, you are tempted to eat your counters along the way. Haha.  All in all, she thought we were finished and had a well-deserved treat lol.

As teachers and parents how have you been navigating online learning during the pandemic? Are there pros and cons?

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Stephanie Duff

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