Here are two examples of things students have said in my class:

Student: Miss Duff I'm washing my hands because I was playing with dandelions and I know that John is allergic-and this is my responsibility.

Student: (leans in towards me as if to tell a secret) Miss Duff I don't think Mary and Sue work well together they always get silly. I think they should try and work with new partners next time.

One of my favourite things about teaching is when students begin to use my words and phrases. While it is great to hear them become little teachers in the classroom, it also reminds me of the level of impact I have and how much of a role I play in their lives.  We are role models, whether we want to be or not. So, let’s pay careful attention to our own ways of being because we have little ones depending on us to lead them well.

What are some words and phrases that your students or children have used?

Article By

Stephanie Duff

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